How is everyone?? It sounds like you guys had a fun last week of summer. I am jealous. I want to go camping! And hiking! That sounds fun. But school will be fun and fall is just the absolute best in Utah. We have a noche de hogar (FHE) later tonight and I suggested that we make pumpkin cookies instead of snickerdoodles and every one laughed at me. I am not sure why, I thought they sounded good. But enjoy your fun fall season.

This week was good. We had interviews with Presidente and Hermana Moreno. It was so so good. They are so wonderful. We talked a lot about the specific problems that we have in Zamora. Which are a lot so my interview was super long. The told me that the biggest problem we are seeing in the mission is the galapagos (they are struggling back there) and then following it is Zamora. So whoo. But it is okay, we are working really hard with the members trying to train them and teach them and stuff.

We have found some super awesome investigators. We actually gave one man a pamphlet and then went back to verify his lecture (address) and turns out he had started preaching to his own church about what he learned in the pamphlet. And he wants us to come to the church and explain everything…I am not sure if that is actually allowed but COOL!

Also. A miracle. We were walking down the street and we saw these gringos and my companion was like “wow those people are the most Mormon looking people in the world” and then we hear “SISTERS!!” And wow! They are LDS and they are from Idaho and will be staying until December. 5 new members whooo!

Another miracle. Last Sunday we went to go get an investigator from her house to go to church and her face was just totally burned..a pressure cooker (of rice of course) exploded in her face. So horrible. She was in so much pain that she said she wanted to kill herself. So we called the elders to give a blessing and in the blessing he said “tomorrow you will wake up like nothing had happened” So last Monday we went to go see her (the day after the blessing) and seriously it was like nothing had happened. Her face was totally normal looking and she wasn’t in pain or anything. A miracle.

Other things. We went to Loja on Saturday for our zone meeting. Man. The Virgin came.The Catholic holiday called Virgen de El Cisne  It was nuts. There were thousands of people walking on their knees to worship her (A statue of the virgin that is carried hundreds of miles pilgrimage and people throwing money and their clothes at her. Just doing all this crazy stuff. And now they are just having parties for her until like the middle of September. It’s rough.   We ended up getting stuck there for the day because of all the people and it is too crazy to go out. We were not allowed to wear our mission name tags. Luckily I brought phase 10, so it was fun.

Other things…having an American companion rocks. We just make salads and go running and that is just something the Latinas would not do. So it has been fun.

We played soccer and volleyball for P-day with our district today (aka us and the elders here in Zamora). But it was so fun I miss sports so much. But also my arms are all bruised because the Ecuatorianos play volleyball with practically a rock. Either way it was fun.

How are the Olympics going? Our mamita is always watching. But since technically we aren’t allowed to, we just stand up and sing the national anthem when America wins. Which seems to be always. Nice.

Have a super great week, all!  I love the church and I love being here in Zamora. i love you guys so much!

Hermana Brimley