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September 2016

The Lord is just really super blessing us

Hello family!

So yeah, I am in Guayaquil right now. Seriously I am so broke. We added it up and this month, since we have had to travel so much we have spent over 100 dollars on tickets. And we only get 160 dollars a month. So thank you so much for sending money. But yeah, we are here for a few medical appointments for my companion and a consejo that we will have tomorrow. My comp has some issues with her knee and the doctor said that she needs to rest for the next 3 weeks………………….There are so many hills that we go up and down on and it is dirt roads so it is hard on the knees. I haven’t had a problem with that, but most of my companions have. Actually I think we might be having transfers, so I don’t know if I will be with my companion much longer.

GUESS WHAT? THIS WEEK WE HAVE A BAPTISM. It is so exciting because Zamora isn’t the easiest place to baptize and so we are so excited. I am a little nervous because we are going to be out of our area for the next few days, so I hope he is all good. His name is Wilmer. He is 44 years old. Just barely separated from his wife. He is the guy that showed up to our door one morning just bawling and asking for help. He is super humble and a really good guy. We are also trying to get these two other people to be baptized with him. We will see how it all turns out. But I am super pumped for that.

Wasn’t Women’s Conference just the best thing ever? None of the members have Internet, nor is there in the chapel so we just went to a cyber and watched it by ourselves (a little sad, but after we got yogurt–so it was okay). I felt like it was priesthood session. The way Sister Oscarson told us exactly how we need to be better. How we aren’t living up to our potential, how we aren’t living up to our temple covenants. I was like…wow. Thank you. And then President Uchtdorf! I was nearly in tears at the end of his talk. “Keep knocking” “Fourth floor, last door. Keep knocking”. I was so impressed with that conference.

We also did a fun noche de amigos on Friday. We made cinnamon rolls! I am such a chef now. And we played a bunch of games.

Sunday was also great. Every day is great, let’s be honest. But we had so many investigators in church! There were like 15. Practically more than the members. My companion was giving our numbers to the zone leader and they thought we were lying. But no! The Lord is just really super blessing us. It was awesome. My companion gave a talk about the faith in sacrament meeting and I taught all the classes. And then we got on a bus and traveled to Loja. And then to Machala. And then to Guayaquil. (I am so tired of traveling)

So that is what happened this week. It was a great week. Every day in Zamora is super bizarre. Mom, you asked my daily schedule but we really don’t have one. We just run around doing the most random things for the rama (ward) and for the investigators. I’m kind of tired. But I am so happy. Love Zamora.

Love you guys! The church is so true! I am so blessed to be able to express to everyone how much I love the gospel and how happy it came make them.

Love, Hermana Brimley


“You can just bless the sacrament”


First and foremost, do you guys what to hear a funny story? This week I put as a “district leader” since we don’t have Elders in our area. Which doesn’t mean too much except for I have some random responsibilities along with my own responsibilities. I was worried about priesthood holders not showing up on Sunday to bless the sacrament and I told my Zone leader that. My zone leader was like “so don’t worry about Sunday, Hermana, because if the priesthood doesn’t show up to sacrament meeting, You can just bless the sacrament.” Wow.

BUT DON’T WORRY. Sunday was all good. Por milagro, 2 priesthood holders showed up and we were able to have the sacrament. The rest of the time was a little stressful because me and my companion gave talks in sacrament meeting and taught all the classes which was hard when you can’t separate from your companion. But it all worked out and we only were a little stressed.

But the week was good. So crazy how fast it went. There is so much to do. We have been teaching English classes and seminary and institute and took over every thing the Elders were doing here. So we just try and take things one step at a time. And new Elders will come eventually, so this is only for a awhile.

We did a fun noche de amigos this week. We did “protect your egg.” We gave our investigators and ward members who came an egg and 20 minutes to use a bunch of materials to save their egg from a fall. Compared it to the fall of Adam and Eve and how through the atonement, even when we fall (unlike the eggs) we can be made whole again. And after we made chocolate chip cookies! There were more investigators there than members so that is always fun. I am so prepared to be a young women’s leader with all of these activity lessons.

But yeah, wow 3 months I will be home. 3 months ago, I was just getting here to Zamora, so that is crazy how quickly time flies. But I guess I will start eating healthy and getting myself in shape for America. JK. Actually, I have hit a rice wall. I actually won’t eat rice anymore. I don’t really think I can. It just sort of gets stuck in my throat.

I hope everyone has the best week. This week I gave a talk on simplifying the gospel. On how our importance really doesn’t depend on how full our agendas are. Sometimes I feel like we base so much of our self-worth on how much stuff we are doing, not really caring about WHAT stuff we are doing. We should always just remember what is the most important. The gospel! We should all just take a moment, breathe, and remember that at the end of the day if we are okay with God and with our family, than we are doing alright.

Love you guys!

Hermana Brimley

“Go home and soak your feet in herbs. Then cover your head in urine.”


I am so jealous of all your peaches. The other day I caught myself singing “millions of peaches”. I think everyone has been talking about them in their letters a lot haha. HEY SHELBY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Wow I can’t believe it is your birthday again this week! But I hope you have a super wonderful awesome day. And are having fun in Disneyland!
This week was great! As always, every day in Zamora is a little different. But it was good:) We went up and harvested and shucked corn with 3 eldery men on Thursday. And then we made humitas! They are super good except that (since I guess I am a girl?) they assumed I would know how to make them. And, heavens, I do not. So I was just kind of throwing things together. And so it ended up we made about 300 very mediocre humitas. That’s alright. It was still fun.
On Friday I got a little bit sick. That is never fun on the mission. And we had an activity so I was just dying. Haha but the women are so funny here. They are all like “look how white she looks. Like a princess!” “Go home and soak your feet in herbs. Then cover your head in urine.” “aww you are not feeling well? You should stop sleeping with socks.” It was funny. I went home and crashed but then that night there was an earthquake! Which I though was weird that we felt it so deep in the mountains.
Also the worst news. The elders in my district here both have cambios. They are both leaving. And they are leaving us here all alone in Zamora. I am so nervous. Like…it’s not like I exactly have the priesthood, and we kind of rely on the Elders to bless the sacrament. So I am not sure what we are going to do…But I do know that anytime the Lord gives us a trial, it’s not a punishment, but a chance to learn. So it’s going to be a really tough couple of weeks, but at the end of it, we are going to come out better. It’ll be great.
And on the flip side, we are going to steal the Elders house because ours is invested with cockroaches and cockroach eggs. So it’s really a blessing haha.
Okay I love you guys! Thank you for supporting me here and thank you for my prayers. You can’t imagine how much I love you and how grateful I am for your help. Have a super wonderful week:)
Hermana Brimley

Mud Slides

Hey guys!

What a fun week you guys had in Arizona. I am actually sitting right next to an Elder from Mesa, Arizona. Fun fact. But I am glad the BYU game was successful. And I am glad that Jack is loving preschool. Nate, I am hope you aren’t feeling to sick anymore.
This week has been great in Zamora. Every day is kind of bizarre. Like something always happens that changes our plans. But that makes it even more fun. The first part of the week was kind of stressful because we had this dang cat for which we were searching for a home. Everyone was like “just throw it in the river”. But eventually we found it a new house. And we found a new investigator! A tender mercy. Though, after we gave it away my companion laid in her bed and just cried.
A funny(ish) story. So on Saturday we were going to Loja for our Zone Meeting. We left at like 7:00am. But there was like a huge mud slide. So we waited in the bus for a while, and eventually every just started getting off the bus and hiking over the rock piles and taking taxis. So we did the same. So we got in a taxi to get to Loja (just totally dripping in mud) and then all of the sudden he pulled to the side of the road and was like “I can’t take you any further”. So we started hitchhiking on the road, looking for anyone to take us to Loja or even back to Zamora and that point. We even made a sign. Long story short: we missed the zone meeting. But it was funny (after it was over).
We had an awesome activity on Friday. We did those like unity games that you always do at girls camp. And we had tons of investigators and it was awesome. I even cooked for it.
Today was the most fun day. We went to the fair. We actually got to go on roller coasters. Which were…not as secure as America. But so much fun.
I love you guys! I really really do.  I know that there is nothing more important I could be doing than being here in the mission. I know Heavenly Father wants me to be here for a reason, I am learning more than ever to just trust in him.
Have a great week. 😊
Hermana Brimley

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