Hey guys!

What a fun week you guys had in Arizona. I am actually sitting right next to an Elder from Mesa, Arizona. Fun fact. But I am glad the BYU game was successful. And I am glad that Jack is loving preschool. Nate, I am hope you aren’t feeling to sick anymore.
This week has been great in Zamora. Every day is kind of bizarre. Like something always happens that changes our plans. But that makes it even more fun. The first part of the week was kind of stressful because we had this dang cat for which we were searching for a home. Everyone was like “just throw it in the river”. But eventually we found it a new house. And we found a new investigator! A tender mercy. Though, after we gave it away my companion laid in her bed and just cried.
A funny(ish) story. So on Saturday we were going to Loja for our Zone Meeting. We left at like 7:00am. But there was like a huge mud slide. So we waited in the bus for a while, and eventually every just started getting off the bus and hiking over the rock piles and taking taxis. So we did the same. So we got in a taxi to get to Loja (just totally dripping in mud) and then all of the sudden he pulled to the side of the road and was like “I can’t take you any further”. So we started hitchhiking on the road, looking for anyone to take us to Loja or even back to Zamora and that point. We even made a sign. Long story short: we missed the zone meeting. But it was funny (after it was over).
We had an awesome activity on Friday. We did those like unity games that you always do at girls camp. And we had tons of investigators and it was awesome. I even cooked for it.
Today was the most fun day. We went to the fair. We actually got to go on roller coasters. Which were…not as secure as America. But so much fun.
I love you guys! I really really do.  I know that there is nothing more important I could be doing than being here in the mission. I know Heavenly Father wants me to be here for a reason, I am learning more than ever to just trust in him.
Have a great week. 😊
Hermana Brimley