I am so jealous of all your peaches. The other day I caught myself singing “millions of peaches”. I think everyone has been talking about them in their letters a lot haha. HEY SHELBY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Wow I can’t believe it is your birthday again this week! But I hope you have a super wonderful awesome day. And are having fun in Disneyland!
This week was great! As always, every day in Zamora is a little different. But it was good:) We went up and harvested and shucked corn with 3 eldery men on Thursday. And then we made humitas! They are super good except that (since I guess I am a girl?) they assumed I would know how to make them. And, heavens, I do not. So I was just kind of throwing things together. And so it ended up we made about 300 very mediocre humitas. That’s alright. It was still fun.
On Friday I got a little bit sick. That is never fun on the mission. And we had an activity so I was just dying. Haha but the women are so funny here. They are all like “look how white she looks. Like a princess!” “Go home and soak your feet in herbs. Then cover your head in urine.” “aww you are not feeling well? You should stop sleeping with socks.” It was funny. I went home and crashed but then that night there was an earthquake! Which I though was weird that we felt it so deep in the mountains.
Also the worst news. The elders in my district here both have cambios. They are both leaving. And they are leaving us here all alone in Zamora. I am so nervous. Like…it’s not like I exactly have the priesthood, and we kind of rely on the Elders to bless the sacrament. So I am not sure what we are going to do…But I do know that anytime the Lord gives us a trial, it’s not a punishment, but a chance to learn. So it’s going to be a really tough couple of weeks, but at the end of it, we are going to come out better. It’ll be great.
And on the flip side, we are going to steal the Elders house because ours is invested with cockroaches and cockroach eggs. So it’s really a blessing haha.
Okay I love you guys! Thank you for supporting me here and thank you for my prayers. You can’t imagine how much I love you and how grateful I am for your help. Have a super wonderful week:)
Hermana Brimley