First and foremost, do you guys what to hear a funny story? This week I put as a “district leader” since we don’t have Elders in our area. Which doesn’t mean too much except for I have some random responsibilities along with my own responsibilities. I was worried about priesthood holders not showing up on Sunday to bless the sacrament and I told my Zone leader that. My zone leader was like “so don’t worry about Sunday, Hermana, because if the priesthood doesn’t show up to sacrament meeting, You can just bless the sacrament.” Wow.

BUT DON’T WORRY. Sunday was all good. Por milagro, 2 priesthood holders showed up and we were able to have the sacrament. The rest of the time was a little stressful because me and my companion gave talks in sacrament meeting and taught all the classes which was hard when you can’t separate from your companion. But it all worked out and we only were a little stressed.

But the week was good. So crazy how fast it went. There is so much to do. We have been teaching English classes and seminary and institute and took over every thing the Elders were doing here. So we just try and take things one step at a time. And new Elders will come eventually, so this is only for a awhile.

We did a fun noche de amigos this week. We did “protect your egg.” We gave our investigators and ward members who came an egg and 20 minutes to use a bunch of materials to save their egg from a fall. Compared it to the fall of Adam and Eve and how through the atonement, even when we fall (unlike the eggs) we can be made whole again. And after we made chocolate chip cookies! There were more investigators there than members so that is always fun. I am so prepared to be a young women’s leader with all of these activity lessons.

But yeah, wow 3 months I will be home. 3 months ago, I was just getting here to Zamora, so that is crazy how quickly time flies. But I guess I will start eating healthy and getting myself in shape for America. JK. Actually, I have hit a rice wall. I actually won’t eat rice anymore. I don’t really think I can. It just sort of gets stuck in my throat.

I hope everyone has the best week. This week I gave a talk on simplifying the gospel. On how our importance really doesn’t depend on how full our agendas are. Sometimes I feel like we base so much of our self-worth on how much stuff we are doing, not really caring about WHAT stuff we are doing. We should always just remember what is the most important. The gospel! We should all just take a moment, breathe, and remember that at the end of the day if we are okay with God and with our family, than we are doing alright.

Love you guys!

Hermana Brimley