Hey guys!

I can’t believe you played Halloween Bingo without me! Thinking about it now, our obedience ghost story doesn’t make TOO much sense. But either way it’s fun and I miss peanut butter M&Ms. But I digress. And Cornbellys. Crazy that it is that time of the year again. Last year, I really didn’t know what was going on here on my mission, but this year I am totally going to celebrate Halloween.
This week has been great! We are super super busy in trying to find everything. Like pretty much just getting lost and contacting on the street trying to find our way around. Opening a new sector is a lot more fun when I can actually speak the language. But the members are super super awesome here. Though…well there aren’t a lot. Like it is kind of like Zamora when I first got there. Yesterday we had 8 people in church. And the President of the branch and his family moved to Quito today. So now we have…well we aren’t working with much. But that is okay, we are going to start to do activities and bible classes and English classes. It will all get better. I know that if the Lord wanted me to come here, there is a reason for it. And that’s how it was in Zamora and when I left that branch 70 people were coming to church. Those members are super great. So are the people here.
Speaking of Zamora! I got to go back this week because my investigator got baptized! It was so awesome. Zamora is the coolest. The elder that baptized is a gringo that started his mission this week and pretty much arrived to the area just to baptize. He was super grateful and the baptism was awesome. Ya mismo tendremos uno aca.
What else…my mamita is really awesome. The first day I got here, I was like “Hermana I am not going to eat rice. I love you. You cook wonderfully. But I can’t do more rice”. (I have become super direct). And she was like “That’s true hermana, we eat TOO much rice here. Lets change that.” So she’s an angel.
Today we got to play volleyball as a zone! Whoo! It was so fun. I am so bad and got hit a lot, but still so fun. And then we ate tacos.
So this week I have been studying a lot in Isaiah. And it is so so cool (even if it is hard to understand). I love seeing how God is the same today as He always has been. Like even as the world changes, politics change, things become morally acceptable and unacceptable, the laws of God are always the same. Somehow that really comforts me. Like we don’t have to guess what is right and what is wrong. God has told us exactly what is right and wrong, and even if we don’t understand it, or we want to question it, we should always know that when God does something, He does it because he loves us. He wants us to live happily and He wants us to return to him. Very interesting. Very Comforting.
Anyways, I love you guys so much! I hope you guys are enjoying fall. Cuidense mucho.
Hermana Brimley