Wow Aunt Lori’s party looked like so much fun, Every one’s costumes looked really really cool. It’s incredible how Lorin really just is Luna Lovegood. But every one was very clever with their costumes. I showed the picture of Mom and dad to my companion and we cracked up. You looked hilarious. I’m excited to go to the party one day. Also, dad, Florida sounds great. Also I cannot believe Nate dyed his hair orange. Also did you plant a new tree in the front yard…?
This week has been great. We are working on updating the lists of the ward members here, because we really have nothing else to go off of. So we are just searching for members but most of the names that appear are people that have moved or have died. It’s always kind of uncomfortable when they have to tell us that their loved one has already passed away and they get all upset. But we have found some super awesome investigators! We have this one, named Berta. She came to church yesterday. I was teaching the class on obedience and she for some reason when up on a rant about how she hates Loja and she is trying to escape (she’s like 50). And then she wanted to give the prayer at the end, and she starting saying the weirdest things like “thank you God that all of my children came out naturally, and I didn’t have to do a C-section” and “thank you for the hermana that was born on a Wednesday in the month of September that made me a dress in 1985″ and she was like praying for 10 or 15 minutes until finally I had to help her finish. But anyways, little by little, am I right?
But life is good. We are having a blast here in Loja. I forgot that it is fun to live with 4 hermanas! We are all learning a lot together and it’s fun because we all have the same goal…to help Loja get a lot stronger. It’s really really struggling right now. We just got a new branch president and they had to call him from a different branch because there really wasn’t anyone else. But yeah, we are doing activities and English classes and bible classes (they love the bible here) and piano classes to try and help. And we’ll get there. I am going to a leadership training tomorrow, traveling to Guayaquil and should be back here on Thursday night.
Any who. I love you guys! You are the best. Stay strong with this election. It sounds horrible. But luckily we have the knowledge that if we keep strong with the gospel, we will be well off in the end. Even with all the changing principals and morals of the world, we can be so so so much happier and blessed if we keep faithful to the laws and principals that GOD has set. Not a man.
Love you.
Hermana Brimley