Wow Disneyland only looked like a dream. Every one’s costumes were on point. Nice work guys. Disneyland at Halloween! So much fun. I also went on a little vacation this week. To Guayaquil!!!!!! Pretty much the same. Bueno, I actually think there couldn’t be more opposite places. I’ll never forget that guy that Scott met on his mission that was from Guayaquil and just shouted over and over “GUAYAQUIL. GUAYAQUIL.” Hahaha. Also I saw a cat in Guayaquil that was sitting on his bum with his hands folded in his lap. Wow. So I guess that city is pretty magical too.
BUT ANYWAY. Yep, this week I pretty much was traveling the whole time. We left on Tuesday morning, had the consejo (leadership training) on Wednesday (went to the temple after!!) and then left Thursday afternoon, arrived here on Friday. But it is so much fun to be in consejo and see all of my missionary friends and listen to our President and his wife. Everyone is just so awesome.
 I have horribly bad luck! Seriously I don’t know what I do but every companion I have gets sick. Even Hermana Morena (President’s wife) was like asking about my work ethic and stuff because everyone ends up with knee or leg problems after being with me. So right now my comp has a weird ankle problem. She can’t actually walk. Her poor ankle is like the size of Nate’s biceps (when did Nate get so muscular…?). So this will be a fun time of recovery for her. I dunno.
Did you guys know that I am only coming home with one other Elder? No one else. Guess who that Elder is. Elder Humble! haha. How funny is that. You ask about the crazy things I have eaten…Nothing too crazy, I have had frog legs and guinea pig which tastes like chicken.
Okay love you guys. I hope you are all having the best of weeks. I miss you all a lot but I love being here. Even when it is hard and times are tough the mission is just the best.
Love Hermana Brimley