Familia,  (last weeks letter)

This week was alright. Probably the hardest week I have had on my mission. But I guess it just means that the Lord wants me to learn something that I haven’t quite learned yet. But that’s kind of a good thing. Like the Lord never tests us or sends us trials or hardships because he is mad. It’s because he wants to help us. So even though sometimes life isn’t SUPER easy, we should also remember that life was never meant to be easy. It’s meant to be a test. It is meant to help us prepare for a better future. So that is what I am trying to do. Try to look at the trials as a blessing and as an opportunity to learn and get better.

I hope every one is doing super well! I love you a lot!

Love, Hermana Brimley

Hey familia!

How is everyone? Sounds like a fun Fakesgiving you guys had. And I am sure it will be a great Thanksgiving on Thursday. Man I am jealous, playing soccer and football and stuff. That’ll be a party. But I think we are going to ask permission to do something as a zone for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving doesn’t mean much to the Latins, so I am really pushing it. But either way I won’t be in Loja on Thursday because I need to travel to Guayaquil do a  “autosuficiencia” class. (self sufficiency)

But this week was great! A little weird because on Wednesday we traveled to Cuenca at like 1 in the morning. Elder Godoy, the President of the Area here came to speak to us. He is from Brazil. He taught us to work like an army with love for the people we teach. It was awesome! My mission president ask me to share testimony to the whole mission and I don’t think I have ever been so nervous. But it was great!

And then straight from Cuenca we had to travel for consejo de lideres to Guayaquil with Elder Godoy again. Super awesome. And I got to do two sessions in the temple! And by coincidence I was there when MY FAVORITE MEMBER was receiving her endowments so I got to help with that. Wow, what a blessing. It was incredible.

Then pretty much I got back to Loja on Saturday night, went to church on Sunday, and now I am here. I can’t believe it is P-day again. Time is incredible.

Everything is great here! I so love love being a missionary. It has been such a privilege to be able to be here. I love the people here and I love my companions and all the Hermanas and Elders. Obviously things are hard, but life was never meant to be easy. We only go through what we can handle, and we only go through it because Dios has something better  in store for us. I love the mission. I love what I have the opportunity to learn. I love the church.

Thanks you guys for everything. All the support and prayers. It is so appreciated.

Love, Hermana Brimley