Hey family!

What a quick week. I can’t believe it is already Lunes again! BUT HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Nah, we didn’t celebrate because we are a too broke. But if money comes tomorrow, we make go a little crazy and buy some pizza. Nice. But Thanksgiving looked like a blast. And how fun, it is snowing again. I just can’t believe it is winter again. Today I got pretty sunburned so we will see how the transition goes.

Anyways, I think I mentioned last week that I would be going to Guayaquil for an autosuficiencia (self sufficient) class. It was pretty interesting. They called us all by our first names, which was kind of bizarre. They also had us put metas (goals) for our futures studies and jobs and…our marriage goals. So that was kind of strange. But now I have a goal haha.

The fun part of this week was the activity we did as a rama. (ward) A noche de talentos.(talent night) As missionaries we did a sketch where we got all dressed up to do a dance, super cool, with super cool music, every one was like “what the missionaries are going to dance?” but then we just did like one dance move and then danced like idiots and a member came up and was like “no no no, the missionaries can’t dance. Get off!” And it was funny. Did that even come across as funny? No, I just re-read it. It doesn’t. Haha.

What else what else. Not too much! We are working our booties off, but igua creo que van a cerrar la rama. There just isn’t too much progress here. Which is super super sad. But what can you do, if the members don’t care, we can’t force them to care. But I just wish they would care! I was reading Jacob 5 today and I just know, I KNOW, that el Señor de a viña esta aqui con nosotros. I also know that he is putting his part in, and we are putting our part it, and it just breaks my heart that the members don’t put their part in. That they can’t progress. Ah, gosh, it’s so frustrating. But it will all work out.

Sorry. That was probably a rant. But I just want every one to understand how important the gospel is. It is absolutely the most important thing that there is. I love the church. I love being a missionary and being able to testify of Christ every day. We are so so blessed to have the gospel in our lives.

I love you guys.